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Liquid Gold, more than a hot sauce.

LIQUID GOLD HOTSAUCES is a unique sauce, as it is the only hot sauce in the market that contains real 24 karat gold in every bottle!

Liquid Gold Hotsauce has a flavour that is tangy and sweet at first, followed by a buttery and velvet experience and finally, a kick of heat that doesn’t linger like most hot sauces on the market, which provides the unparalleled ability to enjoy your food and to add some flavour while also enjoying the heat.

Liquid Gold Hotsauce levels up your taste buds and food for a supreme culinary experience!

Matt Grapko

I moved to Tofino almost 8 years ago from Calgary, Alberta. Since then I have worked full time at Long Beach Lodge Resort as a sous-chef cooking for people from all over the world. On top of being in the kitchen full time, in my off time I am also a successful Gold Prospector. My days a are full and I love what I do! The love I have for both my passions, cooking and prospecting, led me to want to create a unique and flavorful hot sauce for all to enjoy. Enter my hot sauce business…

For me this is also more than just having a hot sauce business. I want to be a leader in the industry by prioritizing giving back.

From every bottle sold of Liquid Gold Hotsauces, $1 will be donated equally between the two deserving causes below that are very important to me. The more bottles of Liquid Gold sold, the more people we can help.

1. Alzheimer’s (Dementia) helping find a cure, treatments, and research to decrease the suffering experience by this disease; and

2. First Nation’s organization or programs here in Tofino to help at a community level.

Why a first nations program/ organization you ask?
I am of Mohawk linage from the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte and Liquid Gold Hotsauces is a 100% proud first nation's owned Business in Tofino, BC.

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